Saturday, 19 January 2008


It was a good funeral and I made it to the wake and was able to spend a little time with June and her family.
Muzzy was there - he was the first forumite to say he would be at the funeral nad he had a haircut specially! He is a stalwart of the East Midlands RW forum meets and although he is camera-shy I have managed to catch a few pics over the years.
In order: High Peak Relay 2004; High Peak Relay 2005; [Maybe we should make a big effort to do HPR in 2008 for Eddy]
Christmas 2007 (before the haircut) and last Thursday in a sharp suit. (Katie-Jane is behind).

1 comment:

b-z said...

He is so going to KILL you

(he scrubs up well though!)

Ruth xx