Sunday, 27 January 2008

Forum friends

Its been a forum friend weekend.
On Friday night a group of us met up to welcome a good friend who was passing through. We had a good evening of curry and chat - I wonder where I would be finding friends if were not for the forums. I don't have many friends locally, having never worked locally I did not build up that network and the children were born before we came, so that all-having-babies-together bonding between mums never happened - though I am still in touch with folk elsewhere from that time.
The few times I have begun to make friends locally with someone in a similar situation with children, they have moved away:<( It must be something I do because now I reflect that has happened at least three or four times over the last 6 years.

This morning I have been to see June, Eddy's widow. We had a good chat, a look at her garden and talked to the cats. As I was leaving we said it was such a shame we had all not got together more while Eddy was alive.

On the not-running front, I have sen the physio again and she has impressed upon me the need to do the strength stuff - my right quads have lost a lot of tone and are giving me grief when I drive. She says my knee is good enough to begin a little running once my quads are not a problem. My ITB is also tight. This makes sleeping on my side difficult. So stretch and strength it is.

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