Thursday, 3 January 2008

Eddy - RIP

Eddy was a stalwart member of the East Midlands Runners World brigade. Much has been written elsewhere about him and people's memories of him. He was a bone marrow donor and also donated blood platelets. He was a runner, a policeman and most of all a good man.

Eddy was struck down by septicemia. After a nine day battle with liver and kidney failure on intensive care he died on 28/12/07.

It is difficult to believe he is no longer with us, but we will have fond memories of him.

To celebrate his life June (LFV) asked that donations be made to Kidney Research, rather than flowers. Donations can be made through BZ's justgiving page. It is fantastic the amount donated by forumites - a real community - not just a virtual one.

Here are some pictures I have dug out of my hard drive.

MrBeanz, Eddy and teenbeanz before the Sinfin 10k in 2005

Eddy and LFV at the Christmas social in 2006 - Eddy had organised it

And he organised it again in 2007, only a couple of weeks before he died.


b-z said...

Lovely pictures


it will be a privilege to run in his honour

womble said...

Things just aren't fair sometimes.

Highway Kind said...

This is the saddest of posts.

To see someone looking full of life and then so suddenly ill and then dead. Shocking.

You are right that that the virtual community is also a real community and he obviously touched a lot of people.

womble said...

Please take my thoughts and best wishes with you tomorrow.