Tuesday, 13 February 2007

pushing it on

My beginner wasn't at the club tonight, so there was nothing for it but to run with the quicker peeps - ok some of them have never run for more than 25 minutes, but they are slimmer, younger and quicker than me.
Off we went round the block - 2½ miles in 35 minutes - including warm up and warm down. In the middle we did 1½ miles in 19 minutes, at a pretty steady pace - so that's about 12:40 minute miling - it felt like work to me, but I kept going - HR up at a steady 156 too! I was pretty pleased with that, considering how little running I have managed recently.

Off away for a couple of days now (it is half term, but it's not away on holiday), but will take my kit.


sue said...

sounds like things may be settling for you Beanzie! Life will eventually settle into some sort of routine for you. All the work you've done in the past will help you get your fitness back to where it was in no time.

Have a nice few days away

b-z said...

good for you love

Sara said...

Well done, enjoy your half term!

Bedders said...

have a great few days break away from it all