Wednesday, 9 August 2006


Thanks for all the supportive comments - which I've just picked up.
Centre Parcs certainly intend you to relax - the only place I can get a phone signal is the upstairs outdoor coffee bar!
So I picked up messages today and will just have to go back tomorrow for another coffee and to send this.
It is really peaceful apart from the sound of the planes at the Lakenheath airbase.
I've cycled and conclude that I can never learn to love the bike until the weight comes off.
Another incentive to lose the weight is an article in the Guardian about holidays in Denmark - for which cycling seems to be essential.

Anyway this morning I ran - just explored the off road paths in the woods and was out for 3.5 miles of pleasure - will try and do it again.


Outsidenow said...

Nice one beanz!

Enjoy your holiday.

womble said...

I@m glad you're relaxing into it. Mind you, by now, you might be about to leave!

Catch up soon xxxxx