Friday, 28 July 2006

walking in the rain

I was caught by torrential rain yesterday and was literally soaked to the skin by the time I made it back 'home'.

It was quite exhilerating once I had made the decision to walk and not hang around in a bus shelter until it had stopped or a bus arrived.

The thunder and lightening were exciting - though a bit scary when they arrived together and were clearly overhead - but I told myself there were enough tall people with umbrellas to make me safe!

The downside was that my sandals rapidly became soaked and I now have a raw blister on a toe, to add to the insect bite on the same leg - so no running again :<(


Evil Pixie said...

running in the rain is fab! Not sure if I would have been brave enough to have walked in thunder mind!
Well done!

Coach said...

These flipping biting insects are a nuisance. One got me on Thursday morning on a run in Richmond Park with a friend. And yes, I've learned from a bite I got last year (about a week earlier than this) which swelled up and stopped me running for 6 days. So I hit the antihistamine tablets (or anti-cat tablets as we call them in this house), iced the bump which was amazingly hot to touch and then bought anti-histamine cream on Friday morning. Seems to be under control. So far.

And it was lovely to run with you too on Monday. I'll be in touch about a plan for Robin Hood, verrrryyyyy shortly!