Saturday, 15 July 2006

A PB to report!

Not much plodding this week.

A power walk on Wednesday left me with chafing from my rucksack on bare arm :<(
I did have a plodette on Thursday morning in Cambridge - but only enough to remind my legs that they have to work.

Friday was the Tara Kinder 10k. This is an evening race put on by the local running shop all traffic free, which is great for a slow plodder, and mostly through trees, so garmins are a bit wary of it but we love it on a warm sunny evening!

Teenbeanz came to support - and was roped into time keeping!
I went for a warm up jog - but then stood around chatting to clubmates, so the effect had worn off a little at the start.
And off we went.

I was immediately at the back and plodded along trying to keep HR under some kind of control - but first mile was still quickest!!

I forgot to switch to lapping at km markers, so had to do most of sums in miles.

The course is a little loop, including part of the main loop route, two big loops and then half the little loop to the finish - so the opportunity to be lapped many times!!

But at least it is fairly flat!

After 3.5 km a caught up with a lady who only ever done one RFL before - so not much triumph in passin gher!

But lots of people passed me and many gave words of encouragement - and also helped me to keep running and not walk too much.

Once the first couple of miles were out the way, as usual I felt much better and did not want to crawl away and marshall instead.

And then it was over and teenbeanz was there to record my time. - 1:22:22 (?) on my watch, 1:22:45 on the clock.

Either way a PB :>))

Ok I know very slow - but .................


Coach said...

Hey, a pb is a pb, it's all yours and no-one can take it away from you! It means you're improving. Honestly, do you think Paula Radcliffe will be doing pbs when she's your [tender] age?????



Outsidenow said...

Well done on PB beanz!

Sounds like a beautiful course and you even managed to enjoy yourself into the bargain.

That's what it's all about, innit.

sue said...

Ditto what coach and OSN said! You are doing good girl, and don't forget all this heat, none of us perform as well in the heat. The course sounds like one you just want to relax and enjoy!

keep plodding


b-z said...

a pb is a blooming pb
WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

human slug said...

Hey there,

I am the girl who has only done one race for life!! What a night that was I do not know my result yet but i think it was 1.5 hrs nearly dead on. That is walking pace!! I did run/jog it all though. I was last in !! and had the paramedic on his bike and a set of gorgeous looking marshals encouraging me in. loved every minute of it!! I also got a good bottle of red as a booby price which i was thrilled with. At least you were not last