Monday, 10 July 2006

More of a walk .....

.....than a run

It is such a beautiful morning I decided I had to go in the park than on the tarmac, so I did. The only trouble is it is a bit vertical:

The first mile is down - but I am warming up in that mile, trying to get the legs to accept the fact theyhave to work.
The next mile is UP and my HR was working well just walking up.
Finally an opportunity to run!

But it was lovely just walking - birds, rabbits, squirrels and the odd dog walker.


b-z said...

you went up THAT hill?


beanz said...

THAT hill was the one I went down at the start!

Bedders said...

a "bit" vertical? I am glad I can't read the scale properly otherwise I reckon I may suffer vertigo! You describe one of the joys of running/walking - being outside with nature.